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Identify the best developers by challenging them with real-world coding tests built by industry experts.

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How it works

Select a coding test

Choose from our library of real-world tasks, request a customized coding test, or upload your own.

Invite your candidates

Use our web app or any supported ATS integration. Track candidate's progress with real-time notifications.

Wait for submissions

Candidates get access to a private GitHub repo and work in their usual dev environment.

Review the results

Vet candidates with automated scoring and conduct code reviews using our detailed scorecards.

Best-in-class real-world coding tests

Our coding tests are designed by industry experts and simulate the challenges developers tackle day-to-day to assess practical technical skills required for the job.

Out-of-the-box support for most modern programming languages and tech stacks.

Can't find what you need? We'll offer a brand new coding test tailored to your situation.

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Assessment results you can rely on

Comprehensive assessment for all your candidates:

  • Automated tests to ensure they can code.
  • Code review scorecards to help unveil their fundamental understanding within the target competence.

Send a challenge with one click

GitHub-powered workflow

A real-world simulation of how developers work day-to-day:

  • Candidates work on private GitHub repositories.
  • Automated tests run on a GitHub Actions pipeline on every push.
  • Candidates and interviewers collaborate on a Pull Request with the submitted solution.

Send a challenge with one click

Integrates with your ATS


DevSkills helped solve the puzzle and streamline parts of our recruitment process by implementing an efficient and reliable process, which has really helped us assess our candidates' technical competence in a far more comprehensive and objective manner.

Lee Haynes, COO, Proxify
Lee Haynes
COO, Proxify

Hiring highly-skilled tech talent is vital for our business. I'm a huge believer in project-based assessment, and DevSkills provides a great platform for this with basically zero effort on our side.

Oscar Ekholm Grahn, CTO, Demando
Oscar Ekholm Grahn
CTO, Demando
Alva Labs

With DevSkills, we saved many hours setting up our tech interview process as it provided us with an out-of-the-box coding test solution that integrated seamlessly with our existing setup.

Andreas Gabrielsson, Head of Engineering, Alva Labs
Andreas Gabrielsson
Head of Engineering, Alva Labs

We have been testing DevSkills in recruitments of engineers at Sting for a while now. So far, I have only heard positive things about the platform. Three things seems to stand out: great customer support, tests with good quality and a fair price.

Andreas Wennberg, Head Of Talent Management, Sting
Andreas Wennberg
Head Of Talent Management, Sting

Frequently asked questions

What's unique about DevSkills?
DevSkills excels when you need to assess the real-world engineering skills of your candidates. It's the right choice if:
  • You want to assess the practical engineering competence within the target profile and not the specific programming language or framework details.
  • You want to evaluate if your candidates can use Git and follow a real-world developer workflow.
  • You don't want to spend your time creating and calibrating coding tests and code review scorecards from scratch.
Can I integrate DevSkills with my ATS?
We support integrations like Teamtailor, Greenhouse, and Lever. Give us a shout at support@devskills.co to double-check if we support your ATS.
How can I try out DevSkills before buying?
Please schedule a demo with us. We'd like to know more about your situation. Then we'll show you how DevSkills can help you address it. Finally, we'll activate a free trial for your team so that you can see how it works in practice.
How extensive is your coding test library?
Our library includes various coding challenges that allow you to assess developers for Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Mobile, and Data Science competencies, across Junior, Mid-level, and Senior levels. See more details.
Whenever a hiring team can't find a challenge that fits them, we always provide a new one customized to their needs.
Do you provide refunds?
Not at the moment. However, you can get a complete sense of the platform via a free trial that we can grant you after a product demo.
Is it possible to upload my own challenges to DevSkills to leverage your GitHub-based infrastructure for inviting our candidates?
Absolutely! Either upload a custom challenge or extend one from the DevSkills library (e.g., custom boilerplate or specific acceptance criteria). Here's how.

Never miss great talent again

"We saved many hours with the DevSkills' out-of-the-box technical interview solution that integrated seamlessly with our existing setup." — Andreas Gabrielsson, Head of Engineering at Alva Labs.

7-day free trial. No credit card required. *

Founder's note

Hi there. I'm Anton. Over a few years, I had the chance to work for a company undergoing massive growth. To accommodate such a change, we needed to hire a lot of developers.

The challenge we were facing was making sure the people we were hiring could do the required job.

As we were working on defining our developer hiring processes, we identified two primary questions to answer:

  • How can we make sure that someone has practical tech competence?
  • How can we minimize the effort required to figure it out?

After many failed attempts and process iterations, we did get closer to the state we wanted to reach.

But frankly speaking, we could have saved a lot of time had we been aware of the lessons we'd learned along the way.

That's why we built DevSkills — to give any engineering team (like yours) a leg-up against the dev hiring competition that's growing by the day.

I’d love for you to give DevSkills a try and see the difference the right tools can make.


anton, founder, devskills

Anton Fenske

Founder of DevSkills