Frequently asked questions

What can I do with DevSkills?

DevSkills allows you to get a detailed view of the developer's technical competence. The approach we take simulates how developers work day-to-day. It revolves around solving coding challenges from our finely-tuned library, where each challenge defines a real-world engineering problem. The evaluation phase consists of the following two stages. First, each challenge comes with an automated test suite that validates the essentials of the provided solution. Second, an in-depth evaluation rubric thoroughly describes the advanced code review aspects.

What use-cases does DevSkills fit?

DevSkills fit multiple use-cases where it's needed to visualize a clear view of the developer's technical competence. So far, we've worked with companies who needed help with challenges like standardizing tech assessment in a recruitment pipeline, building an applicant's skills profile for job boards, and evaluating students at coding schools.

How can DevSkills be used in the hiring process?

DevSkills provides you with everything you need to run high-quality technical interviews. You get access to a library of real-world challenges, automated tools for screening candidates, and evaluation rubrics for conducting standardized in-depth code reviews.

How can a job board leverage DevSkills?

DevSkills exposes a platform API that a job board can use to build a structured applicant skills profile.

How can a coding school leverage DevSkills?

The DevSkills platform provides tools for setting up admission tests, midterm exams, and building a visualized student's portfolio for further hiring.

How does DevSkills help job-seekers?

Every completed DevSkills assignment contributes to a developer's portfolio that they can use to confirm their tech competence.

What tech competencies do you support?

The DevSkills library includes Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, and Mobile coding challenges ranging from Junior to Senior difficulty levels. We're currently working on introducing even more types of challenges. If you're curious about anything, in particular, give us a shout at

What tech stacks do you support?

Our challenges specialize in evaluating the tech-agnostic aspects of software engineering. So far, we haven't faced a situation where we couldn't support any single tech stack preference.

Can I extend the challenge library with my challenges?

Yes! DevSkills uses a Git-based platform under-the-hood, which makes it easy to upload custom challenges.