Hi there. I'm Anton. Over a few years, I had the chance to work for a company undergoing massive growth. To accommodate such a change, we needed to hire a lot of developers.

The challenge we were facing was making sure the people we were hiring could do the required job.

As we were working on defining our developer hiring processes, we identified two primary questions to answer:

  • How can we make sure that someone has practical tech competence?
  • How can we minimize the effort required to figure it out?

After many failed attempts and process iterations, we did get closer to the state we wanted to reach.

But frankly speaking, we could have saved a lot of time had we been aware of the lessons we'd learned along the way.

That's why we built Alva Coding Tests β€” to give any engineering team (like yours) a leg-up against the dev hiring competition that's growing by the day.

I’d love for you to give Alva Coding Tests a try and see the difference the right tools can make.


anton, founder, alvalabs

Anton Fenske

Founder of Alva Coding Tests