Hi there. 👋 I'm Anton. Over a few years, I had the chance to work for a company that had been undergoing massive growth. To accommodate such change, we needed to hire a lot of developers. The challenge we were facing was making sure the people we interviewed could do the job we had for them.

As we were setting up our tech interview process, we attempted to answer the following questions:

  • How can we make sure that someone has the necessary tech competence?
  • How can we minimize the time required to figure it out?
  • How can we standardize our assessment?

It took us many failed attempts and process adjustments to get a bit closer to the state we wanted to reach.

I got curious about this problem and wanted to know how others tackled it. So I talked with people from different companies coming from diverse areas. After having several of those conversations, it became apparent that many of those ventures didn't have reliable tech evaluation processes. And a good number of those simply couldn't afford coming up with one. They'd simply run out of money by the time they figured it out.

After much deliberation, I quit my job and dove into addressing the problem myself.

It's been a lot of trial and error. But I finally consolidated all the gained learnings into a vision implemented in DevSkills.