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Frequently asked questions

What's unique about Alva Coding Tests?
Alva Coding Tests excel when you need to assess the real-world engineering skills of your candidates. It's the right choice if:
  • You want to assess the practical engineering competence within the target profile and not the specific programming language or framework details.
  • You want to evaluate if your candidates can use Git and follow a real-world developer workflow.
  • You don't want to spend your time creating and calibrating coding tests and code review scorecards from scratch.
How extensive is your coding test library?
Our library includes various coding challenges that allow you to assess developers for Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Mobile, and Data competencies, across Junior, Mid-level, and Senior levels. See more details.
Whenever a hiring team can't find a challenge that fits them, we always provide a new one customized to their needs.
Alternatively, you have an option of uploading your coding challenges to streamline your tech interviews with our tech interview infrastructure.