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Scale your candidate screening with real-world coding tests

Already have a well-tuned interview process but spend too much time interviewing unqualified candidates?

Select a test with automated scoring

Use our library of real-world continuously improved coding tests or request a brand new one that fits your needs better.

Bulk invite candidates

Invite candidates at scale using our web app or native integrations with any supported Applicant Tracking System.

Filter out unqualified candidates early

Save your interviewers' time by filtering out the candidates who haven't reached the necessary auto-test score.

Alva Labs

With DevSkills, we saved many hours setting up our tech interview process as it provided us with an out-of-the-box coding test solution that integrated seamlessly with our existing setup.

Andreas Gabrielsson, Head of Engineering, Alva Labs
Andreas Gabrielsson
Head of Engineering, Alva Labs

We have been testing DevSkills in recruitments of engineers at Sting for a while now. So far, I have only heard positive things about the platform. Three things seems to stand out: great customer support, tests with good quality and a fair price.

Andreas Wennberg, Head Of Talent Management, Sting
Andreas Wennberg
Head Of Talent Management, Sting

So why DevSkills?

Here are nine reasons why DevSkills is worth a shot.

Real-world coding tests

Assess developers with problems they face in real life.

Detailed code review scorecards

Evaluate advanced technical skills with confidence.

GitHub-powered workflow

Run coding interviews that mimic how developers work day-to-day.

Get help with custom tests

Assess the skills you care about the most and save trouble setting it up from scratch.

Use your own dev environment

Candidates work in their usual dev environment with no artificial constraints.

Support for any language & tech-stack

Using a rare tech-stack at work? Why coding interviews should be any different?

Leaked answers solved

Protect against cheaters with in-depth code review scorecards.

Sensible pricing

Pay for how much you interviewed, not how many seats you need.

We’re a small but mighty team

Get help directly from the founder.

“DevSkills helped solve the puzzle and streamline parts of our developer recruitment by implementing an efficient and reliable process, which has really helped us assess our candidates' technical competence in a far more comprehensive and objective manner.”

Lee Haynes, COO, Proxify
Lee Haynes
COO, Proxify

Coding tests that make sense

DevSkills coding tests are designed to determine whether or not a candidate has the practical technical skills required for the job.

We support most modern programming languages and tech stacks.

Need a customized solution? We'll collaborate with you to create a coding test tailored to your criteria.

Want to use your own coding tests? Upload them to DevSkills and leverage our infra.

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Assessment results you can rely on

Comprehensive assessment for all your candidates:

  • Automated tests to ensure they can code.
  • Code review scorecards to help unveil their fundamental understanding within the target competence.

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GitHub-powered workflow

A real-world simulation of how developers work day-to-day:

  • Candidates work on private GitHub repositories.
  • Automated tests run on a GitHub Actions pipeline on every push.
  • Candidates and interviewers collaborate on a Pull Request with the submitted solution.

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Never miss great talent again

"We saved many hours with the DevSkills' out-of-the-box technical interview solution that integrated seamlessly with our existing setup." — Andreas Gabrielsson, Head of Engineering at Alva Labs.