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Streamline your coding interviews with continuously improved coding challenges, automated results validation, and standardized assessment.

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Evaluating developers is complex. But we've already set it up for you.

Distill your candidates' tech skills

  • Get access to a library of finely-tuned coding challenges

    No need to spend countless hours coming up with a test that works. Every DevSkills challenge has already gone through multiple improvements based on feedback from real interviews.

  • Works with any tech stack

    Tech stacks are tools. DevSkills challenges focus on the underlying engineering problem and let candidates choose the best tool that works for them.

  • Extend with your requirements

    Want to evaluate a particular skill or want to use a custom challenge? As long as git is your friend, update any predefined challenge with your additions or add a whole new one.

Challenge Readme

Save time at every step of the process

  • Invite a candidate with a single click

    No more hassle with sending zip files over email. Just specify who you want to invite, and behind-the-scenes DevSkills will set everything up and notify them.

  • Automatically validate submissions

    Whenever a candidate puts up their submission for review, auto-tests kick in to make sure it passes the minimal bar. The assignments dashboard shows the up-to-date auto-tests status for each of your sent assignments.

  • Get tools for standardized and efficient assessment

    Follow the provided evaluation rubric to eliminate bias and shorten review time.

Candidates Dashboard

Provide candidate-friendly experience

  • Crisp scope and clear expectations

    Ever heard someone had to build a full-fledged system for an interview? Nonsense. DevSkills clearly defines the scope and expectations, which drastically reduces time to complete.

  • Seamlessly share insightful feedback

    Candidates probably want to know how well they did, right? DevSkills provides tools for seamless sharing of what worked and what could have been done better.

  • Challenges that make a standout portfolio

    Every DevSkills challenge simulates a real-world engineering problem. Such building blocks make a great contribution to an eye-catching developer portfolio. Your candidates get value even if they don't pass the interview.


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