Pragmatic coding interview for
evaluating technical skills.

Evaluate for real-world engineering competence with project-based challenges.


One platform to take technical assessment off your shoulders.

DevSkills implements a technical assessment process with well-defined take-home challenges that evaluate for real-world engineering skills.

The interview that simulates real work.

The DevSkills' ultimate goal is to identify whether the candidate's technical competence will let them do the job.

  • Pragmatic challenges

    Choose from a variety of predefined challenges or request one customized to your situation. Each challenge comes with an automated test suite that validates the minimum criteria to let you effectively screen candidates.

  • Deep assessment

    For more detailed results, DevSkills provides code review instructions to let you effectively follow-up on the provided candidate's implementation. We can also do a code review on your behalf.

Seamless tooling included.

To make the interview process smooth, DevSkills provides intuitive tooling and lets candidates use the development environment they already know.

  • Assignment management

    Invite candidates, track progress, and view the results.

  • Well-known development tools

    DevSkills challenges are hosted on GitHub. Candidates can use the development environment they're used to.

Sounds interesting?

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