Real-World Developer Assessment Infrastructure

Businesses and educational institutions of different sizes use DevSkills to evaluate software engineers at scale.

DevSkills User Interface

Unified platform

A fully integrated suite of developer assessment tools

We bring together everything required to do a meaningful tech assessment to get quality insights into the developer's hands-on competence. DevSkills powers technical interviews for hiring teams, building developer skills profiles for recruitment SaaS, and evaluating students' performance for coding schools.

DevSkills Challenge Library
DevSkills Evaluation Rubric

Designed for developers

Coding challenges that make a standout portfolio

Every DevSkills challenge simulates a real-world engineering problem. Such compelling building blocks are perfect for building an eye-catching developer portfolio.

DevSkills Challenge Example

Why DevSkills

A pragmatic approach to tech competence assessment

Real-world coding challenges

From Frontend to Backend, DevSkills provides a library of finely-tuned challenges for evaluating tech competence across multiple tech stacks and developer levels.

Granular assessment

Each coding challenge comes with an automated test suite that validates the essential functionality. For a more detailed assessment, use the predefined evaluation rubrics.

Intuitive UI

Initiate new assignments, track progress, and review the results from a single place

Platform API

Integrate seamlessly with your systems. Retrieve assessment information for building developer profiles and more (Coming soon).

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