Chicago Crime Analysis - Level 3

Authored by Fredrik Lidefelt, Data Analyst at Klarna

Applicable experience & durations
senior (2h)
Supported technologiesCan be extended with more technologies upon request
SQLPythonJupyter NotebooksGoogle Colab

The goal of this task is to find answers to a list of questions about the crimes committed in Chicago by working with the Chicago Crime Dataset.

The candidate is expected to use SQL to query data and Python to manipulate data frames, perform more advanced statistics (e.g., t-tests), and provide visualizations.

The candidate gets access to a private GitHub repository with the task description and a Jupyter Notebook.

They are expected to use BigQuery to complete the SQL part and a Jupyter Notebook hosted on Google Colab to complete the Python part of the task.

They submit their solution by creating a Pull Request on their repository.

To assess the results, use the predefined code review scorecard that has the review instructions along with the reference implementation.

  • Detailed code review scorecard
  • Project boilerplate