Case studyHelping VNTRS turn good ideas into client success

In a world where fewer than one out of ten startups thrive, VNTRS, a Swedish-based consultant and investment firm, is on a mission to fundamentally transform the tech industry. It is their aim to challenge themselves every day to become better at transforming good ideas into successful tech companies.

The importance of continuous improvement

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at VNTRS, Johan Berglind evaluated prospective candidates based on a list of highly technical role requirements to see if they had the core competencies and skill set needed to fulfil the role.

When we interview developers, we look for factors such as code structure, readability, and up-to-date knowledge and best practice of an appropriate language or framework.

Johan Berglind, CTO at VNTRS.

In order to address all of these requirements, the team developed their own in-house coding tests, which were essentially predefined repositories that candidates cloned and submitted via a Google Form.

The candidate experience was not smooth and led to misunderstandings.

This resulted in frustrated candidates as the hiring team struggled to maintain the updates.

Creating a great candidate experience

With the in-house coding solution not meeting the needs of candidates, Johan contacted Alva Coding Tests for a platform demo. A trial was then initiated during which several real candidates were evaluated.

The experience was so positive that Johan decided to sign up for our Team plan.

As well as improving candidate experience with a software solution that can be continually improved, VNTRS had also ensured that candidates were treated fairly regardless of their CV, gender and other factors that may negatively affect their application because of unconscious biases.

The results

As of today, VNTRS now uses Alva Coding Tests across four different hiring pipelines: Mobile, Fullstack, Frontend, and Backend.

The candidate experience is one of the areas where Alva Coding Tests really stands out. Their coding tests, which mimic real-world scenarios, can be used as a more accurate gauge of how candidates would perform if hired.

Never miss out on great talent again

"We saved many hours with the Alva Coding Tests' out-of-the-box technical interview solution that integrated seamlessly with our existing setup." β€” Andreas Gabrielsson, Head of Engineering at Alva Labs.