Case studyEnhancing the hiring experience with Alva Labs.

Alva's psychometric tests, designed by a team of psychometricians, data scientists, and talent acquisition experts, blend the latest in psychological research with advanced machine learning. Together, they facilitate a better candidate assessment process.

The most important aspect of Alva's success is putting in place the right team. This is the insight they have built their entire business around, and that's the problem they are trying to solve for all their customers. Recruiting the right person for the right position - to create a competitive team at the forefront of the industry.

As the Head of Engineering at Alva Labs, Andreas Gabrielsson bases his evaluation of developers' hard skills on two specific factors: their programming skills and general knowledge in software engineering.

In order to assess their programming abilities, we want to see the code the candidate has written as well as understand their thinking process. The first part is essential because, at Alva, it is imperative to produce high-quality solutions. Even so, how the candidate approaches the problem at hand and how they resolve it is equally important.

Andreas Gabrielsson, Head of Engineering at Alva Labs.

Improving efficiency through processes

Before using Alva Coding Tests, Alva created their own coding tests. These initially worked well, but there were two challenges:

Maintaining the coding tests took a lot of time. If we wanted to change anything or began hiring for different roles, we had to rewrite them ourselves, which was quite time-consuming. So was the process of managing candidates. Every single candidate had to be invited, followed up with, and reviewed by us. Since we started using Alva Coding Tests, we’ve been able to save a lot of time managing the recruitment process since those small things added up over time.

A data-driven approach to talent acquisition

With Alva's internal coding setup presenting challenges, Alva Coding Tests helped reduce the time spent on managing their recruiting process and make the candidate experience more engaging.

If there is one thing that Alva Coding Tests is doing best, it is the challenges. In my opinion, they are an ideal compromise between being as close to real-life software engineering as possible, assessing the candidates' code automatically, and being as time-efficient as possible.

We save a lot of time by using Alva Coding Tests to make our assessments better and more precise. In particular, the Teamtailor integration and the automated generation of GitHub repositories save a lot of time.

The results

Alva Labs initially used Alva Coding Tests for its fullstack hiring pipeline. Having gained confidence and seen results from the platform, they gradually introduced Alva Coding Tests for their frontend and backend pipelines, making us the sole provider for these competencies. By adapting our coding tests with their live coding interviews, we were able to create a resolution that met their needs.

With Alva Coding Tests, we saved many hours setting up our tech interview process as it provided us with an out-of-the-box coding test solution that integrated seamlessly with our existing setup.

Never miss out on great talent again

"I very much like the core concept of Alva Coding Tests - making the hiring process for engineers more like the actual day-to-day life, rather than some kind of theoretical review." — Jacob Klapwijk, Senior Frontend Engineer & Line Manager, Mentimeter.