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IntroducingDevSkills Scout Program

These days tech interviews tend to either look like a university exam or a CV screening which makes developer hiring biased and rules out many qualified candidates who would have done well at work.

DevSkills makes developer hiring sensible and more fair using real-world assessment tools.

We've only been around for a year. However, throughout that time, the platform grew into something that both candidates and hiring teams love.

Now you also get a chance to promote sensible dev hiring practices and get paid for that.

Program mechanics

  • You find a team that's hiring engineers.
  • You intro us.
  • If they sign up, you get 10% of their Lifetime Value with DevSkills.

Rough math

For every team that signs up for a year, you get:

  • If Team plan: $320/year.
  • If Pipeline plan: $630/year.
  • If Organization plan: $950/year.


We'll get back to you as soon as we've reviewed your submission.